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N-Dubz Dappy: I'm settling down

Dappy has vowed to tame his wild ways and become a responsible family man.

The 23-year-old N-Dubz singer, who is father to one-year-old son Gino and whose girlfriend Kaye Vassell is expecting another boy, wants to quit London and his party lifestyle to settle down.

Dappy, real name Costas Dino Contostavlos, told The Sun: "This is the new Dappy, the family man - so long to all of the bad Dappy you've heard about."

He added: "I'm going to buy a big house in somewhere like Brent or Hertfordshire. Then I want to get a flat for Kaye close to her mum so she can spend any time she wants with me but also be her own woman."

The singer was pleased to discover his new baby, who is due in November, is a boy.

Dappy said: "I reckon I'd become more angry if it was a girl. I'd want to lock her away until she was 18. All you'd be able to think about would be the boys hanging around."

Dappy has revealed that the lyrics "Gonna be on my best behaviour," and "how long before you save me baby", on new N-Dubz single Best Behaviour were written with Kaye in mind.

He said: "Nobody knows what it is like having all these girls going crazy for you when you're on tour. They'll do anything to come back to your bedroom."


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