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N-Dubz won't reunite until 2014?

N-Dubz star Fazer has said the group won't reunite until at least 2014.

The trio - Fazer, Dappy and Tulisa - have been working on solo projects while they have a break from the hip-hop group, and the rapper has now said it will probably be a while before they start making music together again, reported The Sun.

He apparently said the Best Behaviour singers won't get back together until 2014 at the earliest and that, when they do, he hopes to sign them to his own production company.

"Hopefully I can sign N-Dubz to my production company, STL Music, because by the time we come back and do N-Dubz we will be out of a contract," he said.

"I reckon the best thing is sign N-Dubz to my label and then we earn all of the money."


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