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Ne-Yo to become a father again


Ne-Yo is going to be a dad again

Ne-Yo is going to be a dad again

Ne-Yo is going to be a dad again

Ne-Yo is to become a father again as he and girlfriend Monyetta Shaw are expecting their second child together this autumn.

The Miss Independent singer already has a 10-month-old daughter Madilyn Grace and told People he is loving fatherhood.

Ne-Yo gushed at his annual Compound Foundation benefit in Manhattan: "It has been a ride, but I'm loving every minute of it.

"She's been trying to walk since she was two months old.

"She'll grab your hands and pull herself up and do a little wobble dance. She likes scooting along the wall. She moves really fast."

But the 31-year-old singer and actor revealed his young daughter is already showing diva tendencies.

He said: "She definitely knows her worth - which is a beautiful thing. That's something I've tried to instil in her from day one: understand that you are a Godsend.You're an absolute angel and people are supposed to treat you that way. She's extremely diva even at 10 months.

"She's a growler right now. She'll only let you hold her a certain way."

And Ne-Yo revealed Maddie is yet to be a fan of his music.

He laughed: "Daddy loses out to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves the Hot Dog! song by They Might Be Giants. She knows two words: 'Dada' and 'hot dog'."