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Nelly making another Spanish album

Nelly Furtado has revealed she is currently "brainstorming" for her next Spanish album.

The Canadian singer-songwriter released her first full-length Spanish album, Mi Plan, in 2009 and she revealed she has plans for a follow-up, reports Just Jared.

Nelly told Para Todos magazine: "I've already started brainstorming for my next Spanish album. In Spanish, I really want to come with a fresh Spanish record again, possibly next year."

The 33-year-old added: "I'm also working on a Spanish version of Big Hoops as well, let's see how it turns out."

Nelly - who is also releasing a new album, The Spirit Indestructible, later this year - also revealed she thinks it's a good time for her to come out with new music as she is "so eclectic".

"All of my influences are so wide that now I think in the musical climate that we live in, people can understand my influences better and I kind of make more sense in today's musical world," she said.


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