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New sensation: Northern Irish artists The Uncontested launch music project with INXS frontman

By Gary Fennelly

A group of Northern Ireland artists, including Ciaran Gribbin of INXS fame, has launched an online musical and visual project called The Uncontested.

The innovative website at combines music and illustrations to tell the story of the town through the eyes of various characters living there.

Visitors are invited into a 'nowhere' town in which band The Uncontested have arrived to meet an old acquaintance. Whilst there, they meet various characters all with a story to tell.

With first instalment, '001', visitors are introduced to a homeless war veteran, a bereaved gentleman, and a troubled girl.

The idea comes from Belfast-based musician Conor McCreanor - formerly with Co Down band The 4 Of Us

Having written a collection of songs with Ciaran, who sings on all the tracks, Conor devised stories and developed lyrics to set within the town.

Conor said: "Normally I'm playing or recording for other acts so this time to be in the position to produce new tracks of my own from scratch is great."

"I've had the idea for a long time and mentioned it to Ciaran who loved the concept.

"The tracks aren't like ones he would usually do, and it gives him a different angle. He's a great singer."

Conor describes the music at the heart of the project as "a combination of alt rock and electronica combining atmospheric vocals".

He sourced Belfast-based illustrator, David McClelland, for the artwork who he says "caught the mood of the tracks and stories with his imaginative illustrations and design".

With time more of the town will be revealed with its cast of characters. Conor told the Belfast Telegraph that more songs and illustrations are imminent with new guest singers already collaborating to expand the fictional town and introduce new characters.

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Visit the virtual town and listen to the tracks at


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