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Niall Horan: I don’t talk about music with other One Direction members

He said this has led to solo project releases overlapping.


Niall Horan (Ian West/PA)

Niall Horan (Ian West/PA)

Niall Horan (Ian West/PA)

Niall Horan has said he does not discuss music with his One Direction bandmates.

The Irish singer, who has just released his second album Heartbreak Weather, said they do not talk about when they will be putting out their solo material.

Appearing on The Rebecca Judd Show on Apple Music, he said: “Probably the only thing we don’t talk about is music.

“And it’s our own fault because we’ve all ended up releasing music around the same time. And I’ve had people coming up to me, like mates of mine who know me really well, and saying, ‘Is this some sort of publicity stunt that all of you are releasing tunes at the same time?’

“It’s the only thing that we don’t talk about, is that. I remember, at one point, there was five out of seven weeks there was a One Direction member releasing a tune or something like that, at one point last year. And I was just like, ‘Jesus, we should’ve probably talked about this’.”

Horan also admitted he felt like he missed out on something as a member of the boyband, which went on indefinite hiatus 2015.

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He said: “At the time, I was thinking, ‘Jeez, I would’ve loved to go have gone to college, uni,’ and could’ve had that experience, but I’m always having completely different experiences and I think that’s why I was a bit jealous of that, but also my mates would’ve loved to have done what I do.

“I mean, we were reckless and had our fun in our own way and kind of the way we did things.

“I guess there is, at that age, 16 to 20, is when you’re in your element. And we probably didn’t have that as much, but we had our fun in our way.”

Horan said he does sometimes miss being part of the group adding: “There’s certain parts of it. Sometimes when you’ll be at a gig or something had happened and it would remind you of something that happened onstage years ago, like: ‘Oh, jeez. I wish the boys were here to see that.’

“Something might happen random in the crowd or an interview in a foreign country might turn a corner and it might’ve happened before or something like that and it’ll just remind me. And I’ll just start laughing or something, but yeah. There are times. Certain parts of it.”

Horan also said he has been penning song with Scottish chart-topper Lewis Capaldi, saying: “Myself and Lewis Capaldi have written together a couple of times. Two of us, like a ballad. So we’ve written a couple of tunes before, one that we think is alright.

“We never really got around to finishing it because he was doing about 95 thousand shows last year. Busiest man on the planet.”

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