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Nick Mason: Floyd wanted groupies

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has admitted the band started out wanting to be a pop group and meet girls.

The prog rockers have become one of the most musically influential groups in pop history, but when Nick met former founder Roger Waters at school in 1963, he admitted they had simpler designs than the rich soundscape the band eventually created.

Nick said: "We started out as a pop group. We wanted to be on television, meet girls and all that stuff."

And while they may have had their differences over the years, Nick insists he and Roger are still good friends.

He said: "Playing with Roger I would have to say was always good. The relationship with a bass player and drummer is very special. Of course, there were differences later on.

"I've made some smart remarks over the years, but he is still one of my oldest, dearest friends, and a man I'm always pleased to see."


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