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Nicki Minaj: I wrote rap in bed

Nicki Minaj says she wrote her lyrics for Rihanna’s Raining Men, in bed.

The in demand hip hop star features on the song which is lifted from the Barbadian’s fifth studio album Loud. The 26-year-old reveals she managed to write her rap while in bed one day with the intention of making it as crazy as possible.

"I just wanted to be crazy, I wrote that track in bed actually. I had an off day, they sent me a record and said they needed it back in 24 hours and I wrote ... saying craziness. I wanted to make it more melodic and crazy,” she told BBC’s online radio station 1XTRA.

The pair have only recently finished filming the music video for Nicki’s Fly, which features on the young star’s debut album Pink Friday. Although no stranger to controversy, Nicki says she was still shocked at the public reaction following her verse on Raining Men, confirming that even significant figures at Def Jam made a comment.

“On the last line of 'Raining Men' I say 'It's raining men, fat bitches'. I just said it and I couldn't take it back ... Then when I was at Yankee Stadium, I ran into [Island Def Jam Music Group Chairman] L.A. Reid and he repeated that line back to me. And I was like 'Did L.A. Reid just say 'fat bitches?' I wanted to pass out," she joked.

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