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Nicki Minaj praised by rap stars

Pharrell Williams and Ludacris have praised the talents of new hip hop diva Nicki Minaj.

The eccentric rapper, a protege of Lil Wayne, has already collaborated with Usher, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and P Diddy - and is enjoying her seventh week at the top of the rap charts in the US.

Pharrell said: "I think since Nicki came out there's going to be a lot of new girls coming out. There's always one that paves the way and opens the door (and) I think she reopened the door to hip-hop for females."

Ludacris, who had Nicki rap on his hit My Chick Bad, said: "Now that you have somebody that has pretty much her own style and does her own thing, people are gravitating toward it, so I think that makes her stick out 'cause she's so different."

50 Cent and Eve welcomed the possibility of a resurgence of female rappers.

"There's not as many female rappers because there's not as many emerging crews," Fiddy explained. "When those new crews come up, there's a potential for a female artist when the head of that crew sees the idea of bringing someone to speak from a female perspective."

While Eve gives credit to Nicki, she says that hip-hop needs more than one voice speaking for women.

"Even though Nicki is representing for females period, she's not representing for every female. She's a specific type of entertainer," Eve said.

But she added: "Honestly, between (Lauryn Hill) and me and Nicki being out there, hopefully a lot of other females will be coming up. There's just too many guys on the screen. I can't take it."


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