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Nicki Minaj's diva rider revealed


Nicki Minaj has revealed her huge rider at gigs

Nicki Minaj has revealed her huge rider at gigs

Nicki Minaj has revealed her huge rider at gigs

Nicki Minaj has revealed her diva-style rider demands - which include roses, scented candles and even breakfast.

The Super Bass star confessed to Wonderland magazine the massive list of food and accessories she and her huge entourage insist on having backstage for every gig, including scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, toast and Belgian waffles with strawberries, syrup and cream and instructions on how it must be cooked.

Nicki, 29, also asks for "buckets of fried chicken spicy - no thighs, lots of wings", a large cheese platter, a tray of cold meats, a fruit platter, salad and a set of silverware, along with a long list of specified branded drinks to wash it all down with.

Other demands include two dozen pink or white roses, scented candles that smell like baked goods, throat lozenges, hot tea with lemon and honey, chewing gum and "Singer's throat spray".

Nicki also asks for contact lens solution and a case, a humidifier and two Space Heaters, which are emphasised in capital letters, as being "very important".

But the Check It Out rapper told the magazine she is a very different person to the diva who appears on stage.

"They're definitely two completely different people. Obviously what I would wear at home is not what I would wear up on stage and I think, when I'm at home it's a way more introspective character and I think the person people see on stage is anything but", she said.

"I watch a lot of Judge Judy. And I watch a lot of Forensic Files. And I cook - I cook spaghetti really, really good; I cook macaroni and cheese really, really good; I cook chicken really, really good."