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Nile Rodgers goes busking in London

Musician Nile Rodgers has stunned fans in London by pretending to be a busker on the Southbank.

It was a far cry from his gig this weekend where he performed to a packed crowd in Hyde Park with Chic.

Rodgers posted photos of himself busking after the event, explaining: " Today I went busking on the #London Southbank."

"Didn't draw much of a crowd until I stared playing dance music. Hmm?"

He went on to write: "T hough I had no voice from screaming during last night's show, I started to draw a crowd when I sang "Aw Freak Out!"

When asked by a fan on Twitter how many people immediately recognised him he replied: "Not many until I started playing @CHICorg songs. Then it was on!"

Rodgers recalled to a fan how he'd started his career as a busker as he was homeless.

Replying to a Tweet, he explained: " That's how I started. I was homeless."

The star also revealed this weekend that his work gave him the strength to overcome cancer.

He recalled: " What happened was the first night I was diagnosed, four years or more now, you're very afraid. It's terrifying. You think to yourself it's a death sentence.

"Since I couldn't control what the outcome was going to be ... I wasn't going to live dying, I was going to die living.

"And then I didn't die. I actually started living a lot more and I worked and worked and worked."


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