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NKOTB have advice for Justin Bieber

New Kids On The Block have some advice for Justin Bieber when it comes to coping with fame - have fun and be yourself.

Pop sensation Justin has had his fair share of controversies in recent months, but the 80s boy band - who had experience of being teen idols themselves - think he should just get on with his life without paying too much attention to all the fuss surrounding him.

Singer Jordan Knight told E! News: "Just be you, have fun. Have fun would be the main thing."

He went on: "We don't know how many stories are exaggerated. Don't listen to the hype of the media."

Band member Joey McIntyre added: "When I think of what I did when I was 19 or 20... I made some mistakes and I think we all have. Unfortunately for some people, they have to live it all over the world or all over the internet."

"You kind of feel for the kid," he went on. "He's probably making some mistakes but hopefully he will get through it and realise there is more to life than playing arenas."

NKOTB's Donnie Wahlberg told Parade magazine that there are some similarities between Justin and himself, when he was at the peak of his pop career.

"He [Justin] has been in a fishbowl for four years," he explained. "He's behind. We were behind. When I was 24 and stopped touring with the New Kids, I thought I could meet with businessmen - that I could walk into any office in the world and feel totally at ease and talk my way into some kind of deal and walk out with a cheque.

"I had total confidence. But I couldn't book a trip for a weekend getaway. In some ways I was the exact same 18-year-old boy I was before I left for the tour five years earlier. I was looking in the mirror like, 'Who am I?'."


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