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No soppy mummy music for Lily Allen

Lily Allen has insisted motherhood will not change her music - promising her new album will be empowering, not earnest.

The 28-year-old singer, who took a four-year break to focus on starting a family, is now mother to 22-month-old Ethel and nine-month-old Marnie.

Lily, whose previous singles include F*** You, told Hello! magazine her new material will be just as feisty and expletive-ridden.

She insisted: "It's not an earnest 'I'm a mum' kind of record. It's empowering. There's some feminist vibes going on. It's the same old me with a bit of swearing going on."

The Smile singer said when she announced her retirement in 2009: "I just want to have babies and live in the countryside, and that's my goal really."

But now she admits she misses working.

Lily said: "Being a mother is great but if you are a creative person you have that urge to get back out.

"It's about creating and doing something else with your time.

"There's only so much children's TV and Lego you can play with before you go f***ing insane."


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