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No Twilight hype for Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club faced a dilemma when their single How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep? was chosen for the latest Twilight movie.

Lead singer and guitarist Jack Steadman admitted the band was worried that featuring in a teen movie like The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 could damage their folksy, indie reputation.

"We ended up just swallowing all of the doubts that we had because we realised that it was going to be fun," he said.

However, on closer inspection the assignment wasn't the high-profile leg-up they were hoping for. Their track didn't accompany Bella and Edward walking down the aisle or feature in the long-awaited sex scenes - in fact it was barely noticeable.

"Apparently it is just in the background of one scene in the film very quietly" guitarist Ed Nash said.

"I haven't seen the film but our drummer went to see it with his whole family and I think they were bitterly disappointed."

Bombay Bicycle Club - made up of Jack, guitarist Jamie MacColl and drummer Suren de Saram, all 22, and 21-year-old Ed - are setting their sights on conquering the US and Canada, where they a touring in February and March. That follows the US release of their latest album, A Different Kind of Fix, last month.

Following the tour, the guys have set their sights on something they find more appealing than vampires and werewolves - women's lingerie.

Jack revealed: "I think we have a Victoria's Secret advert in the pipeline... I think we are going to be the band in the video. Let's hope it comes off!"


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