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Noel casts Mischa Barton in video

Noel Gallagher has cast Mischa Barton in the music video for his new single.

The former Oasis star, currently pursuing his solo project Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, revealed on his blog that he has just filmed the video with The OC actress in Los Angeles.

Noel said: "I feel it's some of my best work and most definitely worthy of at least one Bafta. That actress Mischa Barton was in it too. Nice girl. City fan would you believe!?!?"

The 44-year-old musician had been in California to attend the Coachella music festival and is now enjoying a holiday with his wife Sara and their two young sons.

He said: "You currently find me in Sao Paolo in the great nation of Brazil. Been on holiday the last week. In a place called Laguna beach. Paradise. Home of the most over-rated band in all of music... The Beach Boys. Nice gaff though."


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