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Nolan to be buried with daughter

Bernie Nolan will reportedly be laid to rest alongside the ashes of her stillborn baby.

The singer and actress - who died last week at the age of 52 after a long battle with cancer - had planned her own funeral and wanted to be buried with her daughter, Kate, who was stillborn in 1997.

Her sister Linda told the Sunday Mirror: "It is what Bernie wanted... to finally be with her baby."

The funeral will be held in the Grand Theatre in her home town of Blackpool, where Bernie performed as lead singer of The Nolans. It will be followed with a ceremony at a crematorium when Bernie's ashes will be placed alongside those of Kate.

Linda said: "She is buried in the children's area so we are trying to sort the paperwork out so they can be together again."

Her sister Coleen said the funeral would be a celebration of the star's life.

She said: "Bernie had planned every last moment of it. I remember saying to her once, 'Aren't you scared?' 'No, not at all,' she replied. 'Well I'd be terrified,' I said. 'I won't know about it by then so no, I'm not scared,' she said. 'But I am p****d off because I'm going to miss the biggest party afterwards!'

"And so the funeral will be the party she wanted... it is just so sad she won't be there for it."

Bernie was told in 2010 she was clear of breast cancer, but last year discovered it had spread to her brain, lungs, liver and bones.

The late star leaves behind husband Steve Doneathy and daughter Erin, 14.


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