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Norton sings praises of Springsteen

Edward Norton has revealed how much of a fan he is of Bruce Springsteen, singing the praises of the singer's forthcoming film.

The actor will host a Q and A with the legendary musician ahead of the world premiere of The Promise: The Making Of Darkness On The Edge Of Town, a documentary about the making of the album 32 years ago.

The film features contemporary interviews with Springsteen and his band along with rehearsal and studio footage as they made the 1978 record, which he calls a "reckoning with the adult world" after the phenomenal success of his Born To Run album three years earlier.

Springsteen and Norton became friends after they met at a concert about 10 years ago.

"That record, there's no way to overstate how much that record was a part of my life," Norton said.

"I've seen the film, and it's amazing to see him at that age going through the creative process on it. Any artist, I think, will appreciate the chance to see someone who is as great as he is at that age struggling and struggling and struggling to get things to where he hears them in his head."

Directed by Thom Zimny, who made a similar making-of documentary about Born To Run, The Promise captures Springsteen in a burst of creativity after a three-year studio lapse, when he was unable to record amid a court fight with his former manager.

Norton said: "One of the things that's amazing to me is he's considered this quintessential American working-class artist, yet so much of his work has challenged the idea that America lives up to its ideals in some ways. He shows people and artists that you can live in a culture and place and love it and still question it, still challenge it."


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