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One Direction fans see film teaser

One Direction have given fans a taste of their forthcoming movie by releasing a three-minute-plus trailer.

The chart-topping group, who have become a hit around the world, have spent months working with director Morgan Spurlock on This Is Us - which has been filmed in 3D.

In the trailer, posted online, they are seen larking around before shows and while on tour, with Liam Payne spotted topless in his underpants. Fans will see them struggling with the complexities of Japanese food as Niall Horan mistakenly pours miso soup over his rice while visiting the country.

The clip also includes childhood snaps of the band as they recall their desperation to perform, with Harry Styles saying: "When I was little, I just wanted to entertain people."

And in the film, to be released later this year, Niall explains: "We're normal people doing this abnormal job."

Zayn Malik is seen buying a house for his mum, and as she tearfully thanks him on camera, he tells her: "Well get off the phone mum before I start crying."

Harry also visits the bakery shop in which he worked before finding fame with the band and one of his colleagues tells how she used to pinch his bottom.

The band were assembled after auditioning for ITV's The X Factor and have gone on to score two best-selling albums. Last year both their releases were in the top five biggest-sellers in the US.

X Factor boss Simon Cowell, who is also their label boss, tells the film: "The fans were the ones who made up their minds that this band were going to be huge."

The quintet also announced they are to release a new single called Best Song Ever, which will come out as a download on July 22.


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