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One Direction fever grips Belfast teens, well some of them - so, what makes their fans tick?

With only hours to go before the first of their four sell-out shows kicks off in Belfast, reporter Amanda Poole gets an education in all things One Direction from six of Northern Ireland's superfans

Directioners are counting down minutes until they see their pop idols live in concert.

The globally successful British-Irish pop band has sold out four shows at the Odyssey Arena.

Among the thousands of superfans looking forward to their Belfast gigs are Mairead Donnelly and Cairenn Quinn-Kane from Belfast, Chloe Neal from Whiteabbey and three best friends from Lisburn, Meghan Ireland, Aimee Orr and Shannon Morgan.

The girls explain why they love Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn so much.

lMeghan (16) said: "I've been into One Direction since they were on X Factor

"I lost count of how many times I voted for them.

"Liam is my favourite. He stands out for me.

"I'm really looking forward to the concert on Thursday and we are going again on Monday.

"1D are quite cool and really good-looking.

"My wall is covered in posters of them."

• Aimee (16) said: "I love watching them on TV.

"I love Harry's hair. He's the cheeky one. He's the guy all the girls want.

"I think most guys like them and want to be them.

"I have a Harry doll and the One Direction book and loads of posters.

"We didn't get going last year so we are making up for it this year by going twice."

• Shannon (16) said: "Niall is my favourite.

"He's Irish and really good looking and he can play the guitar.

"What Makes You Beautiful has a really catchy tune and the video is really good. We ordered our tickets for Thursday and Monday ages ago online. We've been counting down the days.

"One Direction are young and make interesting songs and lots of girls my age love them.

"I like following them on Twitter and seeing where they are and what they're doing. They always tweet about how great the fans are."

• Mairead (10) said: "I've liked them since I first saw them.

"Louis is my favourite. He's really, really nice and I just love him so much.

"My room is filled with posters of One Direction and I have all their books and the schoolbag, pencils, lunchbox and tracksuit.

"They are really nice and love their fans.

"They are very funny and have lovely personalities.

"I really like the song Kiss You and I like all their other songs too.

"They are good singers.

"I've been so excited since I got my ticket last year.

"I'm going with my mummy and cousin and my cousin's mummy."

• Cairenn (11) said: "I think they are popular because they are young.

"I really like Harry. His voice is very good and Louis is the funniest.

"I have all the One Direction books and posters and all their albums.

"I like watching them on the internet, because they tell you how they are doing and how they are feeling.

"I really like their music.

"The song Little Things is so good. My friends are all going to the concerts and we are going to try and see each other there.

"I'm so excited. I can't wait."

• Chloe (16) said: "I've liked them since the X Factor.

"I went to their Waterfront gig last year and it was one of the best concerts ever.

"I've been to the X Factor tour show too.

"I like Liam the best.

"His voice is so different.

"He can change his voice and I think he is really good-looking.

"I have loads of posters and bracelets and a teddy that says Liam and my friend Lucy has one that says Louis.

"They're not that much older than my age group and are really nice-looking and so talented.

"They are just like us. They are amazing.

"I listen to their albums and know all their songs.

"I love their song What Makes You Beautiful."


The five members of One Direction are Harry Styles (right) , Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. They came third in the 2010 series of the X Factor and were quickly signed by Simon Cowell to his Syco Records label. They have achieved global success, selling more than 14 million singles and 8 million albums

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