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One Direction: We challenged Cowell

One Direction have revealed they took on Simon Cowell over song choices - and won.

The X Factor stars were less than keen about some of the tracks chosen for them to record - and weren't afraid to tell the music mogul what they thought.

"Some of the lyrics were about 40-year-old men pouring their hearts out," Harry Styles told the Daily Mirror.

His bandmate Louis Tomlinson added: "We said 'no' to Simon over at least one song. But he'd much prefer us to be honest.

"Despite what people think, he doesn't want to be surrounded by lots of 'yes' men."

The boyband are releasing their debut single, What Makes You Beautiful, and insisted Simon was "just one of the lads".

Zayn Malik revealed: "Simon is hilarious. At X Factor, behind the curtains just before we came on, he'd talk non-stop about football and girls."


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