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One Strike is Liam Gallagher's 'favourite song', Nicole Appleton says

Nicole Appleton has made the unlikely claim that All Saints' new single about Liam Gallagher's exposed affair is "his favourite song".

Appleton divorced the Oasis singer in 2014 after six years when the media revealed that he was having an affair and expecting a child with American journalist Liza Ghorbani.

Despite the inspiration for comeback single One Strike being an hours-long phone call between a heartbroken Appleton and bandmate Shaznay Lewis just after Gallagher had informed his wife by phone of the affair, she said he is a huge fan of the song.

"He loves it. It is his favourite song. Really!" she told Alan Carr, noting that the music video even features her throwing a parka - a stable outfit of Gallagher's - to the floor.

Appleton revealed that Lewis, who wrote the song, had neglected to tell her what it was about until months later.

"(It is about) a phone call that I made to Shaz when I was away and all this happened and she just took it all in and worked her magic and just wrote the song.

"I didn't even know and I was singing along to it, months later, and she went, 'You know when you spoke to me and told me...' and I just went, 'Oh my god,' and it was quite heavy.

"I was just singing away because I was in a weird place at that time and then all of a sudden it was like 'Boom, yeah I get it'."

Asked if she'd moved on from his affair, she replied: "Yeah, with a little help from my girlfriends. I'm really good."

All Saints have reunited to release album Red Flag in April, their first in 10 years, and are confident that the fighting that plagued the band during its original run will not happen again.

Speaking about their first break-up in 2001, Melanie Blatt said: "We just weren't really getting on any more and we kind of hated each other so we just thought, 'F*** it, let's stop'.

"We didn't do it for the money. We didn't carry on for the money like some bands even though they hated each other."

The mood in the All Saints camp is now different.

"It's amazing. It's just heart-eyes everywhere. Love. We just have the best time," said Blatt.

Appleton noted the atmosphere was "quite grown up".

Lewis agreed, adding, "It's funny because we are in a different phase of our lives now. We have kids and they hang out together and it's different."

Appleton admitted that their moody personas when the band began in 1993 was down to fear.

"I just don't think we were used to it all really. That was very early stages. A bit scared. I look so's horrible," she said.

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