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Ono praises McCartney admission

Yoko Ono has praised Paul McCartney for finally admitting her relationship with John Lennon was not the reason the Beatles broke up.

The Japanese-born artist said she was "thankful" McCartney had spoken out during an interview last year when he said that "Yoko certainly did not break up the Beatles".

She told The Times: "I mean, I was shocked. I thought 'Now you are saying it? Now, after 40 years?'

"But it was very good. In the atmosphere that the world created for us, it was not easy for him to say something like that."

Ono, who married Lennon in 1969, was often criticised by fans for her influence on the star which saw the pair embark on a series of public protests against the Vietnam War and collaborate on several avant-garde records.

They were living together in New York when Lennon was shot dead by Mark Chapman outside their home.


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