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Ora: Jay Z took me under his wing

Rita Ora has thanked mentor Jay Z for looking after her when she moved to New York.

The Black Widow singer made the decision to head to the Big Apple when she was 17, and soon found herself under the rapper's wing, as she was guided away from the partying lifestyle as an up-and-coming artist.

"I was really lucky. Being signed to Jay Z and him being a New Yorker - nobody knows New York better than he does - I was lucky enough to have my mentors really just look out for me," she told E! News.

"They taught me a lot about my life and how I am and I'm forever grateful. I love those boys," she added.

Rita, who posed with a pair of heart-shaped pretzels for the launch of DKNY's My New York fragrance in New York, admitted she has a few regrets when it comes to social media.

"You forget how many people follow you sometimes," she said. "It's about learning what to say and what not to say."

The 23-year-old singer, who has been working on her second album, added: "I don't hide anything and my music really represents what's happening in my life. Everything is about honesty for me."


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