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Orwells: Our teachers love us now

The Orwells have revealed the teachers who told them they'd never make it in the music industry are now some of their biggest fans.

The Chicago band - all aged between 18 and 20 - met at high school in the suburb of Elmhurst. The band is comprised of twin brothers Grant and Henry Brinner, cousins Mario Cuomo and Dominic Corso and Matt O'Keefe.

Mario revealed: "It's weird, all the way through school we had teachers telling us we had to go to college.

"Whenever I said I was going to be in a band, they'd tell me I was dumb. Now, if ever we go back to Elmhurst, the same teachers that are kissing our a***s and telling us we're the best thing to come out of the town ever, are the same ones that were chasing me out of the music room and telling me I was never going to amount to anything. Couldn't they have had more faith when I was there?"

And the singer added: "It's the same with the girls that wouldn't give me the time of day in school. Now I'm in a band they want to talk to me, but they didn't care when I wanted to talk to them."

And Matt admitted their second album, Disgraceland, is about their home town.

He said: "Well, Remember When was us in that moment, living there, and Disgraceland is a reflection on that, while the future is going to be a whole new thing for us.

"The way it's going, the way our lives are going to be in the future, it feels that these things we sing about on Disgraceland are already over. We're not these high school kids from suburbia any more."

:: Disgraceland is released on June 2 and The Orwells begin a UK tour the same day.


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