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Our Colin on a mission to thwart Leon

By Maureen Coleman

Radio One DJ Colin Murray is leading a campaign to keep X Factor's Scottish winner Leon off the Christmas number one spot.

The Belfast-born radio presenter is fronting a campaign to get the song We're All Going To Die by another Scot, Malcolm Middleton, to the top of the charts.

According to Colin, who is hosting the Boxing Day Lunch show at 12pm on Radio Ulster next week, the X Factor is ruining the race for the prestigious Christmas number one.

Colin said the British music scene was the best in the world, but that the charts were "disintegrating before our eyes".

"I'm sure Leon is a really nice guy but he was voted the winner based on his personality as far as I can see," he said.

"He's singing a cover of a cover and I think it's dreadful.

"And look at the other contenders, one is a duet featuring a dead woman (Katie Melua and Eva Cassidy).

"At least with Malcolm it's an original song and actually, despite the song title, it has a positive Christmas meaning. It's all about living for the day.

"I love the track and would love to see it get to number one over the X Factor. It's really all about the symbolism now.

"The charts are disintegrating before our eyes and we have to stop this from happening.

"If everyone who reads the Belfast Telegraph downloads this song, it'll reach number two. "If everyone who listens to my radio show downloads it as well, we'll get it to number one."

Colin, who presents a weeknight show on Radio One from 10pm to midnight, said he had nothing against the X Factor and admitted it was an entertaining show.

But he said the predictability of the winner reaching number one at Christmas was boring and in need of change.

"I've watched the show. It's great at what it does and it has produced some real talent like Leona Lewis.

"But for the past few years now, it's been a done deal that the winner goes to number one.

"I would be backing any original artist in the battle against the X Factor, it just so happens it's a good song.

"There's part of me that likes to rebel and stick it to the mob, so that's why I'm behind this campaign," he added.

"We have to save the British charts and give the music scene a much-needed kiss of life."

The Malcolm Middleton song was given the longest odds ever - 1000/1 - of reaching number one for Christmas, but thanks to Colin's campaign, We're All Going To Die is now 12/1 and fourth favourite to reach the top spot.

Colin said: "We can't really blame the X Factor because it's all down to apathy. People need to download this song and help us get it to number one."

The 30-year-old, who also presents Fighting Talk on Radio Five Live, said he was looking forward to coming home for Christmas and to hosting the Boxing Day Lunch for the second year in a row.

"I'll have a few guests in and we'll just sit around a table, eating, drinking and having a chat about anything and everything," he said.

"I'll have a few new guests in like Duke Special and Nuala McKeever but I had to invite Gerry Anderson back again.

"If I didn't, he'd only say nasty things about me.

"It was great fun last year, even though Gerry did most of the talking but I hope it's something that continues for many years to come."

Boxing Day Lunch is aired on Wednesday, December 26 at 12pm.

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