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Oz hotel proud of Bieber graffiti

Justin Bieber has graffitied a hotel in Australia, prompting a row between the owners and the city government.

The Beauty And The Beat singer sprayed cartoon faces in fluorescent paint on a wall of the QT Hotel on the Gold Coast after being told he could by the owners, but the city's mayor has said he wants it to be removed.

Justin posted photos online of his graffiti during his Queensland visit which led to mayor Tom Tate saying it should be cleaned off the outside wall of the hotel.

But the QT Hotel responded by changing its Facebook page cover photo to show Justin with his graffiti and wrote: "He asked, and we said YES."

The mayor explained that the city didn't want "to have graffiti glorified."

In a letter to the hotel, he said the city can insist on removal of graffiti in private spaces if it is visible from public spaces.


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