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Ozzy: Booze stopped Israel dates

Ozzy Osbourne has joked that alcohol, not politics, has stopped him from playing in Israel until now.

The rocker is in the country this week as part of this year's international Ozzfest tour, along with Soulfly and Korn. Tuesday's performance will be his first ever in Israel.

Asked why he hadn't played in Israel before, the heavy metal rocker, known for decades of decadence and substance abuse, told reporters in Tel Aviv: "I guess I was drunk for so many years."

He added politics had nothing to do with it.

"I try to stay away from politics. They don't understand me and I don't understand them," he said, sitting next to wife Sharon.

Pro-Palestinian activists in Europe and the US have urged artists to boycott Israel to protest the country's policies toward the Palestinians.

A number of performers, Elvis Costello and the Pixies, recently cancelled shows in the country, angering local fans.

Other artists, including Metallica, Elton John and Rihanna, have resisted boycott calls and played in Israel this year.


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