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P Diddy joins up with Brit artist

P Diddy has joined up with British musician Skepta for a remix of his new single.

The US rapper teamed up with the grime artist for a remix of Diddy-Dirty Money's Hello Good Morning, which will soon be released on iTunes.

Diddy said: "I love the underground feel of grime and I knew we had to work with a cat who was really respected in that movement, so of course, Skepta was the perfect person to collaborate with the Dirty Money crew.

"We're happy to hear the great response from our UK fans, and we hope the grime mix of Hello Good Morning helps to expose the grime movement around the world."

The music mogul has made no secret of being impressed by the UK hip-hop scene.

"I've always been abreast and respected the UK hip-hop scene and I look forward to great things. I have always gravitated to new sounds and new movements. I remember the first time I heard grime. Blew my mind. This is the first song I had that it could work with," he said.


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