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Page's adrenaline in Led Zep gig

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page admits the band's 2007 reunion gig flashed by.

The rockers reformed for a concert at the O2 and footage from the gig is set to be released on DVD.

Jimmy said of the event: "I remember there being a lot of build-up, and feeling like we really had to go in there and let people know what our reputation was about. And that's it, really.

"We went in, it was really intense, and it was over all too quickly."

He added: "It was adrenalin. I remember feeling really twitchy beforehand and just wanting to get on stage."

Jimmy said that he was "humbled" that a new generation of artists say they're inspired by Led Zeppelin.

"If young musicians are inspired by what I do and have done, then fantastic, it just carries it on," he said.

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