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Palace coup for Geldof's Band Aid

Bob Geldof watched as his charity single claimed another historic moment by being broadcast on the Palace of Westminster.

Band Aid 30's Do They Know It's Christmas? featuring a range of the UK's current musical talent became the first video to be played on the landmark building.

The single, which goes on sale in stores today (December 8), after being previously available to buy online, has been revived 30 years after it was first released to raise proceeds for the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa.

As the sun set, Geldof joined viewers along Westminster bridge to watch the message "help fight Ebola" and "buy this single" flash across the building followed by the music video.

The song has already become the year's fastest-selling single reaching more than 312,000 downloads in its first week last month, the Official Charts Company said.

Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow gave his permission for the event after being approached by Geldof.

Watching the display he said: "It seemed like a reasonable idea to me. A 30-year commemoration of Band Aid is a timely reminder of what was achieved three decades ago and the huge challenge we face today with Ebola.

"Bob Geldof is one of those life-transforming individuals who uses his celebrity and the platform that it gives him to try to improve life for people less fortunate.

"I think it looks fabulous, it has literally lit up the speaker's House. It's made my day."

He added that as a nation "we can all do more to fight Ebola".


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