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Palace party goes into Orbit

He is better known for his dance anthems, but that did not stop famed producer and DJ William Orbit dropping the national anthem into his set when he got behind the decks at a Buckingham Palace party.

Orbit, who is famed for his work with Madonna and helped relaunch her career after linking up with her on the Ray Of Light album, has also worked with acts including Robbie Williams, U2 and Britney Spears.

The musician , who regularly plays DJ sessions, was called up to perform at a party for the Queen's staff and family at Buckingham Palace, but said he was not given any choice over the last track of the night.

He said: "It's the anthem.

"This is the thing, the footma n comes and gives you the anthem, it's the full anthem because the Queen is present and it's on a CD and I've never had to be more certain that I didn't have effects on, beats on it, echo on it, the right speed.

"I probably spent more time thinking about that track and of course I played it and the whole place was really up for it. It was an amazing moment actually."

The song, also known as God Save The Queen, dates back to the 18th century when it was first performed and became accepted as the national anthem in the 19th century.


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