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Paramore star's festive engagement

Paramore singer Hayley Williams is getting married to her longtime boyfriend Chad Gilbert.

Hayley tweeted to announce her happy news after New Found Glory star Chad popped the question over Christmas.

She posted "Hey guess what?" with a mocked-up photo of their faces superimposed on a bride and groom standing outside of a church, which had "Getting married" written over the top of it.

The couple's famous friends were quick to congratulate them, with Katy Perry tweeting, "YAS! Now this is truly punk rock! CONGRATS!" and Taylor Swift adding, "CONGRATULATIONS YOU CRAZY KIDS!!!!"

In September, Chad had given an interview to Fuse magazine about his band's eighth album Resurrection in which he spoke about their relationship.

He said: "Personally, Hayley and I, we'd been dating for six years, and we hit a rough patch in our relationship, and it was great, being able to get that out in these songs.

"It made things better for us, you know what I'm saying? There was so much going on at this time that you can dig deep into the record. That's another thing, what the songs of Resurrection are about: Looking at the challenges not as negative things but to really take them in a way that tests your value as a person."


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