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Parfitt finds stunt double trouble

Status Quo star Rick Parfitt has revealed he used a "double" for some scenes in his movie debut - who is actually black.

The guitarist - whose film Bula Quo receives its premiere in London on Monday - said they got in a replacement after he hurt himself during filming in Fiji

Despite his entirely different skin colour, the film crew simply popped on a wig to give the impression it was the veteran rocker. However the band failed to get his name and want him to get in touch so they can give him a copy of the film.

Parfitt said: "It was a funny afternoon really because I'd kind of hurt my leg doing some stunts. So we got this stunt double in and he's a black guy with a blond wig on and, you know what, from that day to this I still don't know his name."

"We were doing a scene on a river and he had a boat and it was his boat so he had to play my stunt double. I then said to him 'I've got a boat myself, I know how to handle a boat' so he reluctantly said 'well, OK, you can do it'.

"How on earth they were going to film a black guy playing me I do not know. There's smoke and mirrors and all that, but that's taking it too far so we got away with it anyway, you'll see the results when you see the movie."

His bandmate Francis Rossi said they did not really have any ambitions to make a film but the opportunity was presented to them.

"It's just something that came along to be really honest," he said. "We did the Coronation Street and someone came up to us in there and said 'Would you like to make a movie?'.

"We laughed at him and, a few years later, the script came together, we went and did it."

Rossi admitted he is still to see the finished result. "I can't - I'm not really good at looking at me," he said.


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