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Paul Weller is ‘getting buff’

Paul Weller’s son has been begging him to go to the gym.

The British singer has son Natt, 22, and 19-year-old daughter Leah with his ex-wife Dee C. Lee. The siblings are close to their father – who has three other kids from different relationships - even though he and Dee divorced when they were young.

Leah thinks her relationship with Paul is so strong because he lets all his kids be themselves, explaining it’s usually the youngsters who try to boss around the musician.

“He never comments on the way we look or anything. If anything, it’s us telling him what to wear,” she explained. “He has these RoboCop sunglasses I love but they’re pretty way out – he’s only worn them a few times. Natt is always trying to get him to go down the gym. Natt wants to be really buff right now. Dad’s getting there.”

After their parents split, Natt and Leah still saw a lot of their father. She remembers visiting him and being allowed to eat a lot of sweets, but it’s only now that she’s realised how special that time together was.

“I remember often being round at his house with Natt eating sweets,” she told Grazia. “There may have been famous people like the Gallagher brothers there but we wouldn’t have known who they were. Dad never made a big thing about it.”

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