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Pete Doherty ‘smashed’ 4,000-calorie breakfast in minutes

The Libertines frontman has been pictured taking on an enormous breakfast.

Pete Doherty was pictured wolfing down a massive breakfast (Yui Mok/PA Wire )
Pete Doherty was pictured wolfing down a massive breakfast (Yui Mok/PA Wire )

The Libertines frontman Pete Doherty devoured a massive 4,000-calorie, burger-topped breakfast which he “smashed” in minutes.

The singer polished off an enormous full English stacked with sausages and bacon – and a burger.

Cafe staff said that it is “always the ones you least expect” who can manage the massive plate containing more than 4,000 calories.

Doherty, 39, visited the Dalby Cafe in the Kent coastal town of Margate where he was battling through a giant breakfast.

According to the menu, it includes four eggs, four bacon, four sausage, a quarter-pounder burger, chips, hashbrowns, onion rings, bubble, beans or tomatoes, mushrooms, two slices of thick bread and a tea or coffee.

Cafe staff who posted pictures of Doherty said he came, saw and conquered, finishing the breakfast in under 20 minutes.

Pictures show Doherty, who used to date model Kate Moss, tucking in to the stacked plate.

He was also seen sitting back picking his teeth with a cleared plate in front of him outside the Kent cafe.

Cafe owner Mark Ezekiel said: “He just strolled down with his dog and it was clear he was going to do the Mega Breakfast.

“We told him he couldn’t feed his dog, or the challenge was void.

“He said he’d just spent four grand on his dog and wasn’t going to feed it fried breakfast.

“It’s like doing a marathon.

“He smashed it. I couldn’t believe it. He’d eaten half within about five minutes.”

The massive meal is free for anyone who manages to finish the calorie-heavy challenge.

Doherty sat outside and looked “chuffed” as he managed to clear his plate.

Mr Ezekiel said: “It’s always the ones you least expect. Although he is about 6ft 3in.

“I’ve estimate there are about 4,000 calories in there, but people have told me there must be more.

“He looked chuffed with himself. He was really cool.”

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