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Peter Andre: I’m not as comfortable going shirtless

The TV personality posed topless in a waterfall for the Mysterious Girl video.

The singer-songwriter has said he doesn’t feel as ‘comfortable’ posing shirtless as he used to (Ian West/PA)
The singer-songwriter has said he doesn’t feel as ‘comfortable’ posing shirtless as he used to (Ian West/PA)

Peter Andre has said he doesn’t feel as comfortable as he used to going shirtless for his annual calendar.

The father-of-four said he found running was the best way to stay fit but had to be persuaded by his manager to pose with his top off for the photos.

The singer-songwriter, who is now in his 40s, shot to fame following the music video for Mysterious Girl in the late 90s, with the Australian star dancing topless in a waterfall.

The Australian star said he found running to be the best way to stay in shape (Matt Crossick/PA)

Speaking to Jenni Falconer for her RunPod podcast series, he said: “I keep saying to my manager, ‘come on, there’s no way they want another one with a shirt off, I’m 45’.

“She’s like, ‘look at Cliff Richard’, and I’m like, ‘okay’. Because he’s still doing them at 70 something.”

“His calendars have been number one, it’s unbelievable.”

Despite the encouragement, Andre added: “I don’t feel as comfortable showing it, I just want to feel comfortable in my clothes. I want to feel comfortable when I’m going out.

“It’s that sort of thing, I think you just want to look trim and it’s not about taking your shirt off and walking around, I just don’t think I’ve got that in me.”

Peter and his wife Emily Andre (Ian West/PA)

Beginning the discussion on fitness, Andre told Falconer how he achieved his physique for the 90s music video.

“I wasn’t eating any fats, I was having no oil in my food, no butter, no skin on the meat, no fat on the meat, everything was steamed,” he said.

“I mean, it was the most boring way of eating ever.

“Some people do it now and love it because they get results but I feel like I’ve done my time with that sort of thing.

“You looked how you wanted to look, the only problem was you would constantly get sick. I constantly got cold and flu because I had no body fat, I had no reserve.”

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