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Pharrell: Equal rights for women

Pharrell Williams campaigned for women's rights and issued a plea for change as he performed a gig in London.

The Get Lucky and Happy hit-maker highlighted the plight of women worldwide as he played at the Brooklyn Bowl in London's O2 Arena for MasterCard Priceless.

During the intimate concert, Pharrell told the 600-strong crowd: "In America, women are paid 77 cents to every dollar, this is the year everything changes.

"You guys are going to have to start voting different. When you see a woman naked, don't tear her down - it's about where she's coming from in her mind. Let's give women the equality they deserve."

Before his MasterCard Priceless Gig, the 41-year-old producer revealed why his latest album G I R L is a testament of his "infinity [sic] to women".

"G I R L is about women ... Women are like the centrepiece to humanity. If there are no women, there is no humanity," he said. " G I R L is like a homage to women, that makes no apologies from A to Z about my infinity for women."

Despite featuring on Robin Thicke's controversial 2013 smash hit Blurred Lines, the father-of-one said he wants his music to represent the positive aspects of women.

He explained: "I'll sing a song about looking her up and down, her smell and her eyes, her curves and her shape, but then there is the other end where there are things she deserve, things that women still go through."

Missing from Pharrell's performance was his infamous oversized Vivienne Westwood hat. Talking about its disappearance, Pharrell said: "The hat is on vacation somewhere, flying around the world with its own entourage."

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