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Pharrell: I value fans and crew

Pharrell Williams has revealed how he never used to appreciate his fans and crew.

The Happy hitmaker admitted it took years for him to give credit to his followers, many of whom have remade his upbeat music video, as he spoke to Elle UK.

"I wasn't always that way. I took a lot of years to understand the value of things and the value of the people you work with," he said.

"The value of your fans who ultimately hold you high and lift you up. We're just hang gliders, dude, and they are carrying us around."

Pharrell, who graced the front cover of the July issue in an elaborate Native American feathered headdress, said the attention surrounding his Vivienne Westwood felt Buffalo hat has been immense - because he wore it years ago.

"I remembered (Malcolm McLaren's) Buffalo Gals video, where he wears the hat. I actually wore it five years before I was photographed in it, it's just that no one was paying attention at the time," he said.

The 41-year-old also revealed how his model wife, Helen, has helped him shape his creativity.

"We just motivated each other as friends. She pushes me. I push her," he added.

Pharrell Williams' full photo shoot and interview can be seen in the July issue of Elle UK, which goes o n sale on June 5. It will also be available as a digital edition.


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