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Pharrell Williams plans solo album

Pharrell Williams has said he is working on a new solo album - and it will be rap-free.

The music star, who collaborated with Robin Thicke for Blurred Lines and Daft Punk's Get Lucky this year, said the new album would differ from its predecessor, 2006's In My Mind.

"I love rapping. But - something's coming, and I'm not rapping on it," he told Complex.

"That's the difference between 30 and 40. 'Cause I was 30, now I'm 40 - and I'm not rapping."

Pharrell, who has taken a step back from performing his own music recently and become better known as a producer, also worked this year with Miley Cyrus.

He told Complex: "It's tough to be that age, and to have to make all those decisions yourself... I'm not worried about Miley. I've seen her soul in action. I know her voice, her voice is crazy.

"I keep saying it to everybody: 'You gotta remember, she's 20 years old and enjoying her life. She's enjoying her freedom'."


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