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Pink: Daughter likes Gangnam Style

Pink has revealed that her daughter Willow doesn't quite share her taste in music.

Rather than listening to her mum's music, it appears that the two-year-old has developed a liking for pop, particularly Psy's hit Gangnam Style.

"Willow wants to hear Gangnam Style - maybe that's why I've shut down [listening to a lot of music]," the 34-year-old told US Women's Health.

Pink - whose real name is Alecia Moore - admitted being a mother has changed her life.

"What surprises me the most about being a mum is that there were ever mums that didn't enjoy it. I know it's a lot of work and it's exhausting and it's a lot of pressure but what a blessing and a gift," she said.

"A mum fear is a different kind of fear. It's all encompassing. You just want to make sure no matter what happens in the world, everything is taken care of."

The Just Like A Pill singer added: "I have the most beautiful baby that was ever born. Ever. My favourite thing to do when I have downtime is sleep and play with my baby. And sleep alongside my baby."

While she may have toned down her rock and roll lifestyle for motherhood, Pink, who gave up smoking when she became pregnant with Willow, still has a few vices left.

"I drink really good wine and high-calibre whisky. I probably laugh too loud in restaurants," she said.


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