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Pixie: I'd like to do more acting

Pixie Lott has revealed she would like to act again.

The English singer-songwriter appeared in various productions when she was younger and flexed her acting chops in 2010 comedy Fred: The Movie, and she told ITV1's Daybreak that she wouldn't mind notching up some more roles in the future.

The Kiss The Stars singer said: "I grew up doing it and studied it at school, so I think I'd like to get more involved in it in a few years' time maybe.

"Music is always going to be my number one - it's my passion, I love it and I can never imagine not doing it - but I've always loved acting as well, so maybe when the time is right, when the right script, or there's a character that I love, or something like that."

Pixie, 21, once tried out for musical drama TV series Britannia High - which saw her auditioning for Take That and X Factor star Gary Barlow.

She said: "He was lovely, he's such a nice guy and my mum's a massive fan of Gary Barlow - if I mention his name she goes all weak.

"But yes, that was when I was 16. I auditioned on the show and actually that's where I met Ed Sheeran - that's where we became friends."


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