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Plan B: Government are out of touch

Rapper Plan B has accused the Government of being too out of touch with disadvantaged young people to be able to help them.

The musician and director - real name Ben Drew - has joined forces with summer of somewhereto_, a nationwide festival celebrating young people doing innovative and inspiring things in free spaces in July.

The 30-year-old rapper has set up his own charity and grant giving trust, Each One Teach One (EOTO) which aims to improve the lives of young people aged 14-25 by providing access to new skills, training and support.

Helping to launch summer of somewhereto_ in Peckham in London, Plan B said: " My organisation Each One Teach One are building a relationship with somewhereto_ right now, because we're thinking along the same lines about the kids that we're trying to provide opportunities for. I think we're speaking the same language.

"In order to change things in environments that need changing, the people that understand those environment and understand the kids in that environment need to come and take responsibility.

"I'm not saying it's not the Government's responsibility to affect change within those areas, I'm just saying that history has proved the Government don't know how to affect change in those areas.

"They're just too disconnected with it, out of touch.

"It's important the people are in touch with those kids - I'm talking about the kind of kids we saw during the London riots.

"The individuals and organisations who have experience in working with those kids is where we need to put the money and give support and I think sometimes the Government are scared to do that.

"The more of us that come together and think about the same lines, the better chance we have of creating a model that actually works, that can be adopted by the Government or other organisations with money."

Summer of somewhereto_ runs until July 31, 2014, with events in Aberystwyth, Antrim, Glasgow, Lancaster, Leicester and London, open to young people aged 16 to 25, with activities ranging from music, dance, theatre, food, fashion, film screenings, workshops and panel discussions.

Industry mentors from Mixcloud, Vogue and Simon Cowell's Syco Entertainmet will be on hand to help young people develop their skills.

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