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Powter was 'slave' to addiction

Daniel Powter has revealed how he struggled to fight his battle with drugs and alcohol.

The Canadian singer-songwriter, who shot to fame with Bad Day in 2006, soon discovered that the song's instant popularity had a negative effect on his music career.

"I had second thoughts about doing this as a career. I didn't like being in the spotlight. It was very lonely and I felt isolated," he told Metro.

Daniel - whose new album Turn On The Lights is out now - sought solace in cocaine and booze. He said: "I ended up managing my life around it. It got worse and worse. I used to soothe myself but it eventually stops working. It had an enormous effect on me and my career."

The 41-year-old, who battled with addiction for around five years, credited surfing and yoga for helping him get over his troubles.

"Getting sober is a big step. It's hard. It's tough because you have to change yourself and your relationships and get the bad people out of your life," he explained.

"It takes a long time. Now I get to play music again and be happy, which isn't a cool thing in the rock world."


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