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Pro Green blasts marriage 'lies'

Professor Green has denied that his marriage to Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh is in trouble.

The rapper and reality TV star wed in September last year, but a magazine report recently suggested all was not rosy in the marriage.

Prof Green tweeted: "Because we choose to not live out our relationship in the public eye wherever possible and we don't show up to the opening of an envelope, hence not giving you much to write about, it doesn't give you the right to print malicious and unfounded BS about us or our relationship."

The star called the report "absolute lies", but said he wasn't letting the story get the better of him.

"A year ago I'd have lost my rag... amazing the difference a year and a healthy mind can make. Letting people anger you gives them power over you they should never have.

"Have a nice day, I'm about to tuck into my turkish x", he added, posting a picture of a plate of food.



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