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Professor Green hates on haters

Professor Green has admitted he gets a kick out of bringing down his 'haters' on Twitter.

The Hackney rapper has had several spats online, but the avid Twitter user said he enjoys the war of words.

He told FHM: "I enjoy a hater. People forget that I come from battle rap, which I got into because I enjoy a good argument."

He claimed that he has "turned shutting someone down in 140 characters into an art" and believes it's like "boxing with words".

Professor Green added that he's steered away from his iconic battle-rap style in his new album At You Inconvenience, which is out in October, and that there is "definitely a progression" since his last album Alive Till I'm Dead.

He said: "There's a lot more rap on this record, and I feel like I just opened up a lot more. I'm singing some of my own choruses, so a few ears might bleed."

:: See full interview in this month's issue of FHM.


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