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Professor Green reveals marital difficulties following father's death

Rapper Professor Green has opened up about seeing a therapist to protect his marriage to former Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh.

The singer - real name Stephen Manderson - said he sought help after his father's suicide to stop himself blaming Mackintosh for their relationship problems.

"I don't rely on her to solve my problems, that's not her duty. It would be really unfair to put that burden on her, it would almost be shirking my own responsibilities. That would make for a bad relationship and then it would become a blame game.

"It's up to me to go and talk to someone who understands properly the science behind depression and how the mind works to help me with those problems," he said.

Green, 31, who celebrated his second wedding anniversary on September 10, told the Press Association that the couple had survived a very testing first year of marriage that saw him involved in a car accident, mugged, and banned for drink-driving.

"I went through a difficult period with the accident and court case and she couldn't do anything about all that. It was very hard for a first year of marriage. It's made us stronger together," he said.

The singer became close to tears as he spoke on This Morning about his father's suicide six years ago and getting therapy.

"After my 18 birthday, which was the last time I saw him alive, we didn't talk for years," he said, before becoming emotional as he revealed his last words to his father were, 'If I ever see you again, I'll knock you out'.

"I'm not afraid to say I see a therapist regularly to talk things through and start processing. As humans we're so resilient, you can puff your chest up and get through things, but that's not processing, or feeling that, or digesting what's happened. It's just surviving," he added.

Green revealed the loss of his father had left him with "crippling anxiety " and hypochondria, but expressed his hopes for his own family in the future. "I'm looking forward to the future and having my own family," he added.


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