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Professor Green urges fans to support Jeremy Corbyn in election


He is not a fan of Theresa May.

Professor Green has thrown his support behind Jeremy Corbyn ahead of June’s General Election.

The rapper and singer slammed Theresa May and said there would be “no way” he would vote Conservative in a lengthy Instagram message alongside a photo of the Labour leader.

He told fans to stop “listening to the slander and attempted media blanket” of Corbyn, adding: “He is for peace and not war, that doesn’t make him weak, nor does it mean he’s spineless or without a backbone – quite the opposite.”

Prof Green, real name Stephen Manderson, from Hackney, east London, said May’s party had “never done f*** all for anyone” in the area and said she “doesn’t give a f*** about you”.

The Need You Tonight hit-maker wrote: “How can you trust a party like the conservatives who’s (sic) last leader cut and run when it all got a bit too much – and who’s current leader has gone back on not calling an election because she feels she’s now in a position of strength.

“The damage that woman will do in the next five years will have anyone who voted her in regretting they ever did.”