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Public Enemy's Chuck D is rapt by Belfast Telegraph coverage

By Amanda Ferguson

When US hip-hop royalty visit Northern Ireland it is nice to know they keep up to date with what is happening – by reading the Belfast Telegraph.

Ahead of a Public Enemy gig at the Limelight on Tuesday night music writer Edwin Gilson prepared a fascinating facts list about the influential rap crew, formed in 1982.

Chuck D, the group's legendary lead singer and one of the founding fathers of rap, subsequently shared the photograph above with his 417,000 Twitter followers of himself holding up the Tele article.

He took friendly issue with the headline comparing the band to the 'Beatles of hip-hop', saying they were more like the Rolling Stones as "Run DMC is the Beatles for sure".

During their time in city the often politically outspoken crew, behind tracks such as Fight The Power and 911 Is A Joke also took part in a protest demonstration outside BBC headquarters in Ormeau Avenue, where activists had gathered over perceived pro-Israel bias in its reports on the conflict in Gaza.

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