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Q&A: 9 questions for Irish duo Hudson Taylor

Dublin born brothers Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor are set to take to the stage in Belfast next week.

Performing under their band name Hudson Taylor, the pair will play Elmwood Hall in the city on Tuesday, March 27.

Ahead of the gig, the duo indulged the Belfast Telegraph in a quick Q&A:

1. What's the best and worst thing that's ever happened to you on stage?

Something of an interesting theme occurred in 2015 while we were touring our first album.

We had two gigs in short space of time where there was a power cut. The first one was in Edinburgh on the first night of a 25-date tour around the UK and Ireland. We were two songs into the set and the bass amp when on first and tripped the whole venues power.

We then got over the initial drama and played the whole set acoustically in the room.

The same thing happened in Glastonbury. While were on stage,  a huge electrical storm came over the site and struck the Pyramid stage. The whole site was closed for health and Safety reasons so we got down off the Avalon stage (which is a tent) where we were playing and played four songs in the middle of the crowd until the power came back on and we continued our set.

These could be considered the best and worst situations but we definitely made the most of them.

2. Who is your music idol and have you ever met them?

Paul Simon is a big idol to both of us and we were lucky enough to meet him in 2015 when we went to see him and Sting in concert. We had about 5 minutes of face to face with him and he was a so delightful to chat to.

3. Can your music be described in one word?


4. Can your music be described in five words?

Brothers, Irish, Americana, folk, acoustic

5. What can the Belfast audience expect from your upcoming show?

We'll be playing old songs and new including all of our newly released Feel it Again EP.

6. What song is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Shaggy - It Wasn't Me.

7. Do you know what an Ulster Fry is?

Ah ha! We've been asked that one before!

It's essentially what we call a Full Irish if you're down south or Full English if you're in England.

I guess it has some specific differences like a certain amount of eggs, or a type of bread but essentially is a fried breakfast that you can eat at any time of the day.

Especially good for a hangover cure

8. Who would you love to perform a duet with?

If it's a dead or alive question then it's gotta be Lennon & McCartney both together with us as a four piece singing sweet harmonies. Otherwise maybe the man himself Paul Simon.

9. If you had to listen to one song on repeat for 24 hours, what would it be?

With a Little Help from My Friends, The Beatles.

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