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Q&A: Nervo

Australian DJ twins Miriam and Olivia Nervo (32) will be showing off their dynamic set when they hit Lush in Portrush for their first ever Irish show tomorrow night

By Matthew McCreary

This will be your Irish debut at Lush in Portrush. What's taken you so long to get here?

Tell us about it! We can't wait to finally make it here. We're not sure why it has taken us so long to get here, though – you'll have to ask our booking agent for that.

What can the crowd expect from your set? Will you be playing any new stuff?

Yes, we'll be playing loads of new tracks plus a bunch of our older stuff, mixed up with records that are working for us right now.

You made your name on the world stage through your songwriting for big names such as Kelly Rowland, David Guetta and Kylie Minogue. What made you want to leave that to one side?

It was a very organic progression overall. We were getting more and more involved in the music, and then we made some records that didn't really suit any other artists so we decided to release them ourselves. Also, we have always loved to DJ so it just kind of fell into place quite naturally. We had a lot of support from the people in the business that we worked with too, like David Guetta.

You have a pretty busy schedule. How do you make time to indulge the creative side of your music career?

We lock ourselves away in a studio for at least nine days A month. We work really hard at keeping those days and often cancel gigs to make sure we get that time in.

When it comes to ideas for sets and tunes, which of you tends to take charge?

It's honestly 50/50. We both thrash it out for a few hours before our gig to make sure we're on the same page.

Is there ever any sibling rivalry between you, either in work or life?

None at all. We're happy when the other is happy, so there's never any competitiveness. We both have a similar work ethic and have complete trust, so there's never any issue there either. The only times we might have issues are when we're seriously jet-lagged. Ultimately, we get over things in the next breath because we're sisters.

Do you find being a sister act helpful, or a hindrance to your career?

Being sisters helps you deal with the daily pressures of being a touring artist. As far as the preconceived notions of what our music or performance might be, well, we don't like to market ourselves as a 'sister group'.

What do your family and friends make of your career on the decks?

Of course our friends love it because we get them into clubs! Our parents don't really understand Electronic music, but they're just happy we're not waitressing any more.

What do you think you would both have been work-wise had you not gone into music and DJing?

Probably doing what we were doing before, which was waitressing to cover the rent while we kept pursuing music.

Nervo play Lush, Portrush, tomoorrow night. For details, visit

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